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Half A Million Clean Hands Can't Be Wrong

Over 500,000 users know when it comes to the cleanest hands and fingernails, ProSoap is the only hand cleaner you will ever need.  With the strongest detergent possible and 17 interactive cleaning systems, ProSoap restores the skin to ideal moisture level and is safe to use on hands that have cuts or cracks. 

 The gritty feel is from soft, plastic scrubbers which are totally inert.  Made larger, they would look like balloons and actually pop before cutting the skin.  We pulverize our own powder from low density polyethylene (LDPE) to ensure a consistently small particle size (35 mesh).  You can scrub as hard as you like and your hands will get healthier with continued use. 

 There are no harsh chemicals, pumice, abradants or acidic, alkaline-type ingredients.  Only biodegradable, non-polluting and non-toxic ingredients that make it safe for the environment.
What Does ProSoap Remove?

Not only does ProSoap remove dirt, it also removes Ink (rubber, water, oil, offset & flexo), hydraulic fluids, wood stains, adhesives, varnish, tar, paint, grease, oil colors, fiberglass resin ... and virtually anything else!



pr - Products  

pr88 Protects your Skin Against:
Grease, oil, paint, varnish, printing ink, toners, soot, creosote, adhesives, petro-chemicals, hydraulic fluid, fibre glass, polyurethane, graphite, powders, dust, most solvents.



pr99 Protects your Skin Against: 
Water, the effects of excessive washing, soaps, detergents, acids, lye, disinfectants, coolants, chemicals, soil, plant juices, herbicides, insecticides, fertilizer, latex based paints, concrete, cutting and drilling emulsions, etc.; excellent for very dry skin.


prFacial Protects your Skin Against:
As a facial protection for personnel working with sprays, prevents colour/lacquer mist from sticking to the skin.


prDry Hands Protects your Skin Against:

So as to avoid any skin softening, swelling and consequently impairment of the natural protective barrier of the skin, anywhere where moisture or wetness caused by protective gloves or footwear occurs.


prUV Protects your Skin Against:

Intensive radiation by sunlight or technical UV radiation sources, arc welding, etc...


pr2000 Strenghts Natural Skin Protection, revitalizing Skin Health:

Restores of the natural barrier function of the skin.
Strengthens the natural protective function.


Dispensers  1 litre bottle


- Hand Cleaner


 California Dermatech

with crystal abrasive.



NOVA-GEL-2004 Hand cleaner



      with abrasive


   Aloe Vera - Lanoline - Glycerin