DIGINIP: finally, a measurement tool able to measure, gauge and define the correct nip width in record time.
DIGINIP can display values in mm or in inches.
When the nip width and pressure are the same… or when specific pressure in the contact zone (NIP) needed to transfer the fluids is obtained by means of a complex equation that includes dynamic compressibility, compression value regulation and the differences in roller thickness over time.


DIGINIP is composed of three elements: a digital unit that displays the measurements taken and two hand-held assemblies with flexible sensor strips.


To find new ways of improving productivity, printers must find and focus their investments on peripheral printing press equipment, such as production management or shop floor management software, quality control systems or high added-value on-line or off-line finishing solutions.Today, all rotary or sheet-fed offset presses reach very high productivity levels through increased speed, the automation of certain functions like plate clamping, ejection of waste sheets, non-stop production, cylinder washing and circuit cleaning etc., resulting in considerable time savings.

Diginip Website : http://www.diginip.fr/index_angl.html

Linen Tester

-BETA Linen Tester 3X (metal) 2"
Linen Tester 5X (metal) 1"
-BETA Linen Tester 5X (metal) ½"

Complete BETA

Also available:
-Linen Tester 5X china (metal) 1"
-Waltex Linen Tester 8X (plastic) 13/16"



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COLOR BRIDGE® uncoated
FORMULA GUIDE coated, uncoated, matte
FORMULA GUIDE coated, uncoated
SOLID CHIPS two–book set
FORMULA GUIDE solid matte
SOLID CHIPS three–book set



Utrameter 6P II


• Conductivity

• Resistance

• TDS Density

• Temperature

• PH


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Conductivity, PH, TDS, Temperature

EP11 Tester

•PH  2 to 12 scale
• Conductivity (4 scales)

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Most popular model 4 grad. scales.
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PH Tester - Temperature, Conductivity



PH et Conductivity solutions

Buffers Solutions

PH 10.0
PH 7.0
PH 4.0
(Gallon, 1 L, 500 ml)



PH Test


             Paper Sticks                                 PH Indicator Pen

Alcohol Tester 

Measure the alcohol level of your fountain solution.
(from 0% to 25% / vol.)
Available: Low et High Range



Portable blanket gauge

-Blanket, Under blanket, paper, card, plate...
-Easily held in natural grip. Fraction and decimal equivalents on back case.




Ideal for rollers.

Read directly diameter.





-Range from 0 to 1" with readings of .001"

-Friction thimble, looking spindle.

-Ideal for measuring paper. packing.blanket


C-THRU Pocket Ruler

-Measures picas and inches.



Viscosity cups - Z cup

Dip Viscosity Cups
-EZ (Equivalent Zahn) Viscosity Cups - 5 Cup Ranges
-Zahn Signature Cups - 5 Cup Ranges

Cup No. 1:
Orifice Size: 0.078”; Range: 31-60 sec. The Number
One Zahn Cup is generally used for very thin mixtures where low
solids application is desired.

Cup No. 2:
Orifice Size: 0.108”; Range: 19 - 60 sec. The Number Two Zahn Cup is primarily used for all mixed paints which have been reduced with solvent for application. Used by the automotive and similar industries.
Cup No. 3:
Orifice Size: 0.146”; Range: 13-60 sec.
Cup No. 4:
Orifice Size: 0.168”; Range: 12-60 sec. The Number
Three and Four Zahn Cups are used for higher solids application
where extra heavy films are desired.

Cup No. 5:
Orifice Size: 0.208”; Range: 10-60 sec. The Number
Five Zahn Cup is generally used for checking the viscosity of
unthinned paints prior to reduction with solvent.