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        RED RUNNER                        HYTON - Dampener Covers

RED-1 Shrink Dampener Covers



Sheared 100% synthetic fiber composition:

Knit from premium Rayon yarn for maximum absorbency and durability.

Sheared, velour-like pile surface and seamless construction provide pattern free printing.

Water absorption and retention is far superior to non-sheared, loop surface covers.

Evenly sheared surface height permits reduced roller-to-plate pressure settings, extending plate life and improving image quality.



synthetic shrinkable roller covers 

Super aqua H

Synthetic shrinkable dampener roller covers made of finest plush material. This is a standard top-quality product of white colour. For all offset-presses, also suitable for proof printing. In case of a longer machine stop the cover can fast be reactivated in a fast manner and fluffles printing right from the beginning will be ensured.