Sprayway Anti-Static SW-955W
- Counteracts static electricity charges that attract dust; prevent materials from feeding properly or "shock" equipment operators.
- Helps prevent data loss and damage to a computer's memory.
- Use on natural or synthetic rugs and carpeting; furniture, drapes, and chairs.
- Can also be used on metal rollers, drive belts; scanners, electronic image processors.


Sprayway Glass cleaner Formula 40  SW-040W
- Anti-static formulation
- Designed for picture framers, printers, artists, screen printers, sign   makers, and sewing trade personnel.
- Leaves no film, streaks, scratches, or residue.
- For use on copy boards, lenses, negatives, and stripping tables.
- Can be used safely on many surfaces including Formica, chrome, porcelain, and plastics.
- Contains no ammonia.


Sprayway Silicone SW-945W &
Sprayway Silicone  SW-946 Food grade
- Stops squealing, sticking, and binding of machinery.
- Dries rapidly; leaves no greasy or oily film.
- Retards corrosion; makes cleaning easier and quicker.
- Protects and preserves equipment.
- Saves time and labor.
- Speeds cutting and sewing; facilitates fabric flow.
- Prevents power tools from binding.
- Long lasting residual performance


Spraway Anti-Skin # 950W
- For the busy graphic printer, screen print and sign/display shop that may experience longer-term stoppages such as overnight or weekends.
- Used properly, prevents ink skinning on press rollers, in press fountains, and in ink cans.
- Delays the drying of inks on screens.
- Works with any type of ink.




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