Products and services

Roller covering

We offer roll covering and roll resurfacing, mandrel repair and bearing spans including assembly, disassembly of roll mechanics and bearing installation. We have expertise with all types of rollers and all types of compounds, such as

  • Lithography rollers;
  • Flexography rollers;
  • Industrial roll (e.g. textile, wood, metal foil, plastic production, etc.)
  • Laminating roller;
  • Folder roller;
  • Other types of rollers on request.


Regarding the compounds,

  • Hybrid
  • PVC & PVC Nitrile
  • Nitrile
  • Hypalon
  • Hydro-flow
  • Others on request

Blanket processing

We offer the processing of printing and coating blankets. We also supply underblankets, paper and plastic press packaging, adhesive press packaging and transfer or anti-marking paper.  We also carry out the installation of metal bars and the drilling of holes on blankets.

Consumables distribution

We distribute the full range of products necessary for our graphic arts (printing) customers, namely lithographic plates, solvents, printing products, chemicals, press accessories, instrumentation and any other product. of convenience.

Technical support

We offer technical support, consultation and training on our products and their processes.